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Conceptual graphic maps

Technology positioning

Acquire a concise but comprehensive view of a product or technology before making investments.

Technology Transfer

If you decided to revolutionize your product, identify the sector to import the technology you need.

Technological forecasting

Identify technology trends within your industry to plan the next step of development, to anticipate your competitors.

Patent report

Protect your invention or make sure not to infringe any patents. Patentability opinions, analysis of prior art and freedom to operate to define the best patent strategies.


Compare your product with the competition, assess the market potential and define the strategies of innovation and marketing that are more advantageous.

Process mapping

Identify the criticality of your process through an innovative mapping system. We realize LCA, Green Passport, energy maps, maps of the cost and value, waste maps and Ecodesign interventions.


Manage your corporate knowledge more efficiently with the new system of cataloging - Bigflo infographic. Many comfortable maps to help in the most important decisions and to organize your innovation activities.

Design Support

Differentiate your product from competitors by innovating or rethinking and choosing from all possible directions offered by TRIZ methodology for systematic problem solving and that Bigflo has adapted to the Italian companies.

BigFlo is:

BIGFLO is an innovative start-up that comes from the experience of over 10 years of collaborations with Italian and international companies to support them in product development and problem solving company

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