Bigflo has developed innovative methodologies and tools to help you measure the market potential of your idea through benchmark analysis, to find the idea you were looking for that has got SPARK, to protect white space opportunities by patenting them ;You can request a one-off intervention or continous company service.

The identification of critical system are entrusted to itree, a new mapping tool for process and product based on simple and effective infographics modules interfaced with problem solving, energy saving, eco-design and value analysis.We perform analysis of like Green passport for Eco - Design.

The module is inspired by an innovative methodology called Reverse FMEA , developed since 2009 by the University of Bergamo in the context of collaborations with two large multinationals who are based in the territory.

SPARK is the software developed by BiGFLO which based on TRIZ to handle all types of problem solving. The methodology underlying SPARK has been tested on over 200 companies. It is also taught as a subject in the course of Product Innovation at the University of Bergamo. Our basic services include the preparation of technical solution in terms of concept with its feasibility study. We also make infographic maps of potential solutions (or technological directions) that are very useful to use as a strategic tool for the design of the immediate and future R&D projects. We also support the prototyping stages, preparation of testing, dimensioning and embodiment.

Bigflo develops software products tailored to collect, organize and manage technical knowledge on a specific area:

  • Noise abatement in systems with high noise levels;
  • Structural optimization;
  • Optimization of plant and process;
  • Internal company databases made searchable.

Creation of Bigflo ontologies; also builds databases of sectors / specific topics making them searchable with the semantic search engine KOMPAT. If your topic of interest is not among those listed contact u

Bigflo provides prior art analysis, Freedom To Operate, support the strengthening of patent writing , the patent orientation, other forms of protection (brands, models, drawings, etc.) and technical advice.

With semantic engines and intelligent data analysis software, Bigflo can support you in: technological landscaping, identification of new opportunities for patenting, technology transfer, competitive analysis, competition analysis and monitoring , product positioning, maturity assessment (S-Curve) industry analysis, identification of new applications, technological forecasting and decision making in general.

Effective communication is essential for the good ideas to actually get acceptance. Good ideas bear fruit more in business environments where there is already a culture of innovation. Bigflo adopted its standard communication based on design ontology, communication techniques and infographics designed for decision making. These apply to both- to promote an idea within the company and to support the marketing communication to the customer. With the experience gained in the field, Bigflo offer courses to raise awareness about a culture of innovation in the companies.

BigFlo is:

BIGFLO is an innovative start-up that comes from the experience of over 10 years of collaborations with Italian and international companies to support them in product development and problem solving company

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